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The Oldest Child

Eli is very full of life and curiosity about life.

Eli loves fiction and science, and wants to figure out how and why things work. From getting up close and personal with bees to learning about different types of matter, Eli's determined to find the secrets (and share them as the expert authority).

This year, Eli participated in Children's Quizzing at church. The program is an intensive nine-month study about one book of the Bible. While Eli didn't always enjoy it, he committed the information to memory. As the entry-level class in the program, he took 2nd place at the District Meet, which is VERY impressive for a first-year student. He also memorized 20 verses.

When not trying to sleep in (weekdays only) or doing homework, Eli loves all things Transformers, Bionicles, drawing, and riding his bike.