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The Male Twin

Noah is a surprise. The "quiet" boy of ours can be the most mischevious. But he also can be the loudest one, depending on the circumstance.

Noah is 100% boy (would hope so!), as in he's the stereotypical little boy. From beating the porch with sticks at age one, to cutting up his bed sheets because he was bored in his room one morning, life is always an adventure.

For being our "shy" boy, Noah is the life of the party. At church and school, he's the one leading the pack and always surrounded by friends. Perhaps it's that sly smile of his. The leader of the pack also is the one exploring things first, getting in trouble first, and of course figuring out the system first (i.e.; mom has us do chores as punishment. If I say I like chores, will that change things?).

Noah enjoys Spiderman, Bionicles, Pirates of the Caribbean, and -- sigh -- Pokeman.