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The Princess

Ever since she came out of the womb, Zoe has let the earth know who she is -- and believes that she is in charge.

Adorable in her femininity, she loves to dress up, paint her nails, do her hair and look beautiful. She makes necklaces out of dandylions, and will use anything as a costume. She also loves to play mom (sometimes she needs a reminder that she really isn't the mom), and loves to mother her baby dolls.

Zoe is into beauty around her, too. The scent of lilacs, the color of a little bird outside, watching the sunset (from her bed, with blinds pulled up, instead of actually going to sleep!), and enjoying each new discovery with such passion is something Zoe shares with us; as she finds things, we see it again for the first time through her eyes. She exudes love for life.

She loves to draw, enjoys playing with My Little Pony and American Girl, watches Barbie movies, and likes to help mom in her garden.